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VanFn Tree Swing Hanging Strap Kit With Nylon Strap & Snap Carabiner Hook, 5ft Swing Hanging Rope, 25kN Safety Lock, 2200lbs Load Capacity, Safest Way To Hang Tire, Saucer, Disc, Web Swings & Hammock

We designed and manufactured a tree swing strap kit that combines durable nylon and advanced safety features. Forget the cheap rope and makeshift swing straps! Our swing kit will make your life easier since you can set it up easily and know your kids will be safe and happy.

What Makes our Tree Strap Different?
Industrial Grade Nylon and the Snap-Lock Carabiner holds up to 2200 lbs.

No Damage to The Tree.
Because we only use the highest quality materials available in our straps, you don't have to worry about damaging anything you take pride in.

What type of Swing Will This Tree Strap Kit Fit?
When you buy one strap: Spinner swings, Tire swings, Disc swings, Web swings, Hammock swings. When you buy two straps: Classic swings, Garden swings, Toddler swings, Porch swings.

Safer snap carabiner. Rated 25kN which means super strong & safe
Able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers
Smoother ride
100% waterproof
Easy cleaning and care
Chemical resistant
2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage
Able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers
Classic black color that will look great in your backyard

You will get one VanFn Strap with Safety Carabiner Hook and Carry Pouch!

Please keep in mind some swing types will needs 2 straps.
For Swings That Spin – Buy One.
For Swings That Don't Spin – Buy Two.

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